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We are committed to meeting the high standards required by our clients and so we are proud to include the following client testimonials.

Stevie Brown

"I would recommend JRRC to anyone wishing to improve their fitness, health and wellbeing, whatever their goals"

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Allyson Campbell

"I've been going to the gym for years and had not achieved the results I wanted. Personal training sessions with Jamie have helped me make the most of my time in the gym, and exercise in the right way in order to improve my fitness."

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Sari Johnson

"I have become fitter, my body shape has changed and become more toned. I have become stronger and my stamina and general fitness has greatly improved."

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David Murdoch

"I am fitter than I have been for 25 years and much leaner. I am delighted with what Jamie has helped me to achieve."

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"Since starting the personal training with Jamie, I have noticed a lot of changes with myself, including increased confidence, improved fitness and energy levels, weight loss, increased strength and a much improved posture."

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Zander Diamond

"Being a professional footballer it's important that I seek the correct advice on sport nutrition. I was happy that I had a reliable and reputable contact in Jamie."

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Roma Bruce

"I put on weight after a period of illness and I was feeling bored of the gym. Since I have been training with Jamie he has helped me find my motivation with his varied training sessions, his enthusiasm and positive disposition."

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Because of the sport I'm in it's important that I seek the correct advice on sport nutrition.

Zander Diamond

Zander Diamond


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